What You Shouldn’t Miss Out On While Visiting the Coromandel Peninsula

If you want to take a break from your busy city life and enjoy being isolated for once, the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand would be an ideal destination. It is relatively close to the city, but it also allows its visitors to feel the beauty of isolation.

While you’re in Coromandel Peninsula, you should fill your itinerary with destinations that will be worth your time and money. Those who have visited the region will likely point you to some of its breathtaking spots.

cathedral_coveCathedral Cove

This is the ultimate icon of the region, with its rocky and unique stone-archway that welcomes you to the beach. It is like a deliberate setup for a magazine shoot that proves just how picturesque New Zealand is, beyond its snow-capped mountains.

To get to the cove, you have to spend around 45 minutes of leisurely walking from the nearest carpark. But the view presented by the natural archway is certainly worth the effort getting there.

Aside from the view, Cathedral Cove is fast becoming a hotspot for people who want to swim, kayak, cruise, or snorkel. Tourists will also enjoy the Te Whanganui-a Hei Marine Reserve and the Orua Cave, which is made of huge natural limestone mouldings created by the elements for years.

Rapaura Watergardens

Tourists love this tourist spot for its natural water displays, diverse plants and ferns, and other impressive water features. If you want to relax while listening to the water flow and watching the plants, the Rapura Watergardens should be included in your itinerary. You might be amazed at how easy it was to put lily ponds, water sculptures, and winding streams became central attractions in the gardens. You can walk around the park for an hour and enjoy every inch of the view that it offers.

glass_bottom_boat_tourWhitianga Glass Bottom Boat Tour

If you have always dreamed about seeing the marine life up close but have never had the courage to go scuba diving or snorkelling, you can realise that dream by taking the glass bottom boat tour at Whitianga. You will likely see the Angelfish, Parore, Triggerfish, and Red Moki, among the diverse marine population in the area. The boats are even licensed to allow their passengers to watch the penguins, dolphins, and orcas, aside from the fishes.

Driving Creek Railway

If you want to take in the lush New Zealand fauna in Coromandel, don’t miss the Driving Creek Railway fun. Its route passes through the bushy parts of the region as well as the native Kauri forest. While on top of the railway, you will see the Haruaki Gulf and its “Eyefull Tower” and even some parts of Auckland.

whangamata_beachWhangamata Beach

The beach is one of the top beach resorts in New Zealand, mainly because of its clean sand and quality surf breaks. It offers a 4km shoreline, a lush rainforest, and several off-shore islands. The beach is carefully maintained by the authorities and residents alike. Its warm waters make it perfect for fishing, swimming, kayaking, and many other water activities. On top of these things, Whangamata Beach rose to popularity while still maintaining its undisturbed nature.

You can try any of these activities and more in the Coromandel Peninsula. However, you should not forget about your accommodation so you can always sleep after a tiring day of touring and feel refreshed the next day. Accommodations can be booked in advance online to ensure that you will have welcoming home when you get to the peninsula.

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