How to Have a Fun Accommodation in Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs is a fabulous small town located in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. This wonderful town is built around a rejuvenating hot spring in which the waters came from a fractured rock bed situated at the Hanmer fault.

Who wouldn’t be enticed to have a holiday trip in Hanmer Springs and book an accommodation? Though the thermal pools are its main attractions, there are a lot of things you could see and do there. If you want to have a fun accommodation in Hanmer Springs, then you might as well try these fun and fulfilling activities.

Relaxing at the Hanmer Spa. The top attraction of this town is the Hanmer Spa. If your body is tired from work or stressed out, you could relax in here and avail of the spa’s special prices especially when you sign up on their mailing list. The spa’s waters help your body to soothe and ease all of your pain. The Hanmer Spa also has water slides which could be enjoyed both by the adults and children.

Hiking or walking. The town of Hanmer Springs is plentiful of nature’s tracks. You could go for a walk or hike at the steep paths at the northern side of the town. Feast your eyes with the beautiful flora and fauna. To know the tracks, it is best if you purchase a map.

Skiing. Though the road towards the Hanmer Springs ski area is a bit scary, the Hanmer Springs staff would gladly accommodate you to reach there safely. It is worth the travel since the ski area is a gorgeous one even if it’ a little small. If you’re tired from skiing, you could always rest at the ski area’s warm and comfortable lodge.

Jet boating and rafting. For a more thrilling stay at Hanmer Springs accommodation, why don’t you try jet boating? Explore the Waiau Gorge while on a thrilling jet boating experience. If jet boating does not thrill you too much, then try white water rafting at the town’s alpine river. See big and fat salmon and trout splashing through the water while you cross down the famous Waiau River canyon.

Fishing. You could also go fishing in the Waiau River. There are a lot of salmon and trout living in the river. Bring your fishing line and your bucket for your great fishing day! Grill all those big and fatty salmon and trout that you caught in the river. Cook them in any way you want. But don’t forget to make the classic fish and chips for your snacks!

Hunting. If you love the excitement of hunting, Hanmer Springs could satisfy your thirst for hunting. Since the town of Hanmer Springs is situated in mountainous regions, you could hunt for feral pigs, rabbits, game birds and many more. In New Zealand, hunting various animals is legal since most of the animals there are overpopulated wreaking havoc in agricultural lands.

If you want an exciting holiday trip, then you must not miss visiting Hanmer Springs in New Zealand.

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